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Chairman and shareholder of Premium (P.I. H) group, Israel 


Mr. Rinot is a shareholder and active Chairman of Premium (PIH) Holdings; 

he is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CEE group with its seat in the Netherlands. Mr. Rinot is leading the business development of Premium group and he is in charge of expanding the group's portfolio and activities throughout the European region and Israel since 2001. In recent years on establishing and maintaining relations with different governmental and industry establishments in Hungary, Montenegro, Slovakia, and Serbia. Furthermore, he is overseeing various real estate developments in the region most notably being a shareholder and member of the Supervisory board in CEE BIG shopping centers in Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Pancevo, Serbia.


In Israel, 

Mr. Rinot additionally leads “ Ivory Computers” , one of leading store chains in the field of computers and mobile phones as a Chairman of the Board.


Mr. Rinot sees Montenegro as a country abundant with business opportunities, a vast pasture for developing and establishing projects, and ever since Mr. Rinot's recognition that Montenegro is just at the early stages of an extensive developing momentum and that so many opportunities await in this amazing country, he strived for developing and assisting companies and people in both Montenegro and Israel by implementing a viable, productive business relationships in various fields.


Nimrod Rinot is married to Shirly Rinot and they have three children. 

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